Monday, 24 October 2011

The date for the 2012 Islay Half Marathon!

The date for the 2012 Islay Half Marathon is 4 August. Watch this space for further news as it develops!

Friday, 12 August 2011

Happy Runners!

Here are some of the responses that we've received so far to the 2011 event!

  • Jrk Rao 10 August 11:37
    Back in India after a great time on Islay. Definitely the friendliest marathon I've run so far! Many thanks to Kate and everyone else.

  • Hi Kate,
    Once again this was a great race--as well as a lovely weekend. Your whole team did a marvellous job, much of which most of us don't actually see. The fact that it all ran smoothly from a competitor's point of view tells it's own story ie. the detailed planning & preparation within your community.
    Much appreciated, I've already booked my accommodation for next year.
    Cheers, David Adams( vet ), Hamilton Harriers.

  • Dear Kate and Margaret,
    Thanks again for organising such a wonderful event last Saturday; those of us from Calderglen Harriers who attended enjoyed ourselves so much that we are already certain we will be back next year, in fact, I don't know how we managed to let 5 years slip by without attending. Please also pass our thanks on to Ardbeg for their extremely generous sponsorship; the prize giving was amazing!

Prize Winners 2011

1st - Robert Gilroy Hamilton 1.10.19
2nd - Alan Derrick Callendar 1.17.57
3rd - Helge Hanson London 1.21.0
4th - David Wright N Ireland 1.21.32
5th - Gerard Montgomery Glasgow 1.21.40
6th - John Kay Fife 1.21.44

1st lady - Marina Mccalman Clydebank 1.32.40
2nd - Lesley Clarkson Glasgow 1.34.40
3rd - Amanda Woodrow Edinburgh 1.36.55
4th - Katie Whirhouse Edinburgh 1.37.30
5th - Ruth Clark Singapore 1.41.36
6th - Rhona Gillies islay 1.44.00

1st veteran - Alan Derrick Callendar
2nd - David Wright N Ireland
3rd - David Balharry Strathglass 1.22.12
4th - Ian Hughes Esat Kilbride 1.22.16
5th - Marcus Covell Islay 1.24.37
6th - Iain Shaw Edinburgh 1.29.02

1st super veteran - Gerard Montgomery Glasgow
2nd - John Kay Fife
3rd - John OatesGlasgow 1.23.07
4th - Andy Law Ardrishaig 1.24.11
5th - Jim Lutomski Islay 1.32.40
6th - John Berry Hamilton 1.33.02

Ist Veteran over 60 - Ian Doneely Lanark 1.39.03
2nd - David Adams Hamilton 1.44.15
3rd - Heinz Josef Germany 1.54.45

1st Lady Veteran - Marina MacCalman
2nd - Katie Whitehouse
3rd - Ruth Clark

1st Local - Marcus Covell Islay 1.24.37
2nd - Liam Corson 1.28.34
3rd - Jim Lutomski

1st local Lady - Rhona Gillies 1.44.03
2nd - Nicola Bermingham 1.45.22
3rd - Caroline Morris 2.05.04

1st Local Veteran - Marcus Covell
2nd - Jim Lutomski
3rd - Stuart Rowntree 1.32.40

1st Team - Calderglen harriers
2nd Team - Islay Team

1st lady Team - Hamilton Harriers

T-shirts and balloons!!

Silver balloons marked the 25th anniversary of the Islay Half Marathon and special t-shirts were given out to all the runners!!

Monday, 1 August 2011

25 years of winners!

Click on the table below for larger image!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Looking for Alan MacLellan

If anyone out there knows the whereabouts of Alan MacLellan who ran for Calderglen Harriers, probably 20 years ago and is the record holder please could you let us know. We would like to get in touch with him! Many thanks!!