Friday, 12 August 2011

Happy Runners!

Here are some of the responses that we've received so far to the 2011 event!

  • Jrk Rao 10 August 11:37
    Back in India after a great time on Islay. Definitely the friendliest marathon I've run so far! Many thanks to Kate and everyone else.

  • Hi Kate,
    Once again this was a great race--as well as a lovely weekend. Your whole team did a marvellous job, much of which most of us don't actually see. The fact that it all ran smoothly from a competitor's point of view tells it's own story ie. the detailed planning & preparation within your community.
    Much appreciated, I've already booked my accommodation for next year.
    Cheers, David Adams( vet ), Hamilton Harriers.

  • Dear Kate and Margaret,
    Thanks again for organising such a wonderful event last Saturday; those of us from Calderglen Harriers who attended enjoyed ourselves so much that we are already certain we will be back next year, in fact, I don't know how we managed to let 5 years slip by without attending. Please also pass our thanks on to Ardbeg for their extremely generous sponsorship; the prize giving was amazing!

Prize Winners 2011

1st - Robert Gilroy Hamilton 1.10.19
2nd - Alan Derrick Callendar 1.17.57
3rd - Helge Hanson London 1.21.0
4th - David Wright N Ireland 1.21.32
5th - Gerard Montgomery Glasgow 1.21.40
6th - John Kay Fife 1.21.44

1st lady - Marina Mccalman Clydebank 1.32.40
2nd - Lesley Clarkson Glasgow 1.34.40
3rd - Amanda Woodrow Edinburgh 1.36.55
4th - Katie Whirhouse Edinburgh 1.37.30
5th - Ruth Clark Singapore 1.41.36
6th - Rhona Gillies islay 1.44.00

1st veteran - Alan Derrick Callendar
2nd - David Wright N Ireland
3rd - David Balharry Strathglass 1.22.12
4th - Ian Hughes Esat Kilbride 1.22.16
5th - Marcus Covell Islay 1.24.37
6th - Iain Shaw Edinburgh 1.29.02

1st super veteran - Gerard Montgomery Glasgow
2nd - John Kay Fife
3rd - John OatesGlasgow 1.23.07
4th - Andy Law Ardrishaig 1.24.11
5th - Jim Lutomski Islay 1.32.40
6th - John Berry Hamilton 1.33.02

Ist Veteran over 60 - Ian Doneely Lanark 1.39.03
2nd - David Adams Hamilton 1.44.15
3rd - Heinz Josef Germany 1.54.45

1st Lady Veteran - Marina MacCalman
2nd - Katie Whitehouse
3rd - Ruth Clark

1st Local - Marcus Covell Islay 1.24.37
2nd - Liam Corson 1.28.34
3rd - Jim Lutomski

1st local Lady - Rhona Gillies 1.44.03
2nd - Nicola Bermingham 1.45.22
3rd - Caroline Morris 2.05.04

1st Local Veteran - Marcus Covell
2nd - Jim Lutomski
3rd - Stuart Rowntree 1.32.40

1st Team - Calderglen harriers
2nd Team - Islay Team

1st lady Team - Hamilton Harriers

T-shirts and balloons!!

Silver balloons marked the 25th anniversary of the Islay Half Marathon and special t-shirts were given out to all the runners!!

Monday, 1 August 2011

25 years of winners!

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