Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Here is the Prize List 2016

1st Overall Kenneth Campbell Campbeltown 1.14.32
2nd Stewart McGeachy Campbeltown 1.18.11
3rd Elliot Sedman Arran  1.19.27
4th Krzysztof Kildzia Croyden 1.21.03
5th David Watt Calderglen  1.22.23
6th Jeremy Tomlinson St Andrews 1.23.54
1st lady Madeline Robinson Rhu 1.27.12
2nd Jennifer Reid Campbeltown 1.32.08
3rd Julie Beveridge Calderglen 1.32.39
4th Joanne McEvoy Calderglen 1.36.35
5th Pamela McCrossan Clydebank  1.38.12
6th Marion O Connor Calderglen 1.38.38
1st veteran Kenneth Campbell Campbeltown 1.14.32
2nd Michael Lancaster Glasgow 1.28.55
3rd David Bell Fife  1.29.44
4th Emile Nales Netherlands  1.29.53
5th Iain Shaw Edinburgh 1.30.46
6th Mark Smith Leeds  1.34.14
1st super veteran Krzysztof Kildzia Croyden 1.21.03
2nd David Watt Calderglen  1.22.23
3rd Jeremy Tomlinson St Andrews 1.23.54
4th Alan Derrick Calderglen 1.24.25
5th Jim Holmes Calderglen 1.36.39
6th Ian Beattie Edinburgh 1.37.50
Ist Veteran over 60 Tery Coyle Glasgow 1.27.26
2nd William Buchanan Calderglen 1.40.27
3rd Leslie Ritchie Shropshire 1.40.44
1st Lady Veteran Jennifer Reid Campbeltown 1.32.08
2nd Julie Beveridge Calderglen 1.32.39
3rd Joanne McEvoy Calderglen 1.36.35
1st Local Josh Wood  1.27.10
2nd Stuart Rountree  1.40.51
3rd Anthony Bowman 1.44.40
1st local Lady Patricia Glancey (nee Wood) 2.05.56
2nd Marie Wiggins  2.05.57
3rd  Bronwen Currie  2.09.35
1st Local Veteran Stuart Rountree  1.40.51
2nd Jim Lutomski 1.45.09
3rd Donald Heads  1.53.16
Jimmy J Prize for youngest local finisher  Josh Wood  1.27.10
1st Team  Rio Rejects
2nd Team Campbeltown
1st lady Team Calderglen A
2nd lady Team The Toonies

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